Saturday, August 18, 2007

Birthday Girl

I can always tell when I am fretting about something. I bake. I have made choco chips cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, choco choco cookies (I live with the Cookie Monster or Teddy as Josh calls him), banana hazelnut bread and banana mint bread so far tonight. I am also slow cooking an eggplant macaroni soup (this is my soothing reward) made with textured soy protein in place of the greasy hamburger the recipe called for. I didn't have fresh nutmeg and substituted Garam Marsala and garlic-very aromatic. Hopefully, the soup will not be too spicy for hubby. He actually orders no spice when we go somewhere. And I am the one with ulcers! Spice me up-the Prevacid costs enough as it is-might as well get my money's worth!

My granddaughter turned 18 this week and she also just graduated. She says she wants to get married. I got married at 18 and if I had to do it over, I would wait. A long time wait. She was born when her mom was 17 just as I was so young. I want her to stay as young as she can for a while because there is already too much responsibilities in life today-more so than I had back in the early 70's in high school. Once I got married, I had a mortgage, two car payments, college, a job, a husband for god's sake at 18! All this in the first year of my marriage and adult life. How insane is that? Can I legally drug her and wake her up in 10 years?

For all you card makers, this card used Great Impression Stamps Feb 2007. I colored with Prismacolors and Gamsol. Inked distressing by Tim Holtz using Marmalade. Lots of scraps and layers and a piece of ribbon then add a few brads. Simple card really-just play for the look. Use up those scraps.

Chelsea, happy birthday. I miss you. What can I bake now----I need to trash the kitchen some more.


  1. Although I don't bake when I'm stressed...I just stew about stuff and hence MY ulcer! I hear where you are coming from with your granddaughter. I was a young mother, too and my 19 y/o son has a serious girlfriend and although they say they don't want to get married...well, you know! It is a constant worry for me.

    Anyway, bake away! And, you card is absolutely adorable!

  2. Hey Jan!
    Very nice card! All of the goodies you are baking sound really good, and are making me want something sweet!(smile) Have a good day

  3. This is so cute -- love the color combo.


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