Thursday, August 16, 2007

Diana's Dress

I am not a girly girl but always loved the way Princess Diana dressed. Just once to play Barbie doll with all her clothes would have been fun. What a wonderful thing she did auctioning off her dresses shortly before she died and the receipts going to her favorite charities.

One of the dresses is now being auctioned anew by the current owner Women's Entertainment (WE TV) and the proceeds will again aid a charity that loves kids. Diana's dress auction will be fun to WATCH because most of us don't really have this kind of cash. This was not my favorite dress of hers-I am not a pastel person-but it sure looked wow on Diana

When the original auction was held in 1997, I wanted the dress below so bad! I even threatened to cash in my retirement fund to get it. And it was the cheapest one that actually was auctioned off that day. 12,500.00. I still have my auction book from Christie's and the books themselves are going for hundreds of dollars on auction today. I won't part with it ever-it will be passed to my daughter and maybe someday to hers.

I would still like to play Barbie with this dress once. I would even wear the odd set of gloves!

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  1. I had a Princess Diana doll as a child (from the Franklin Mint)and 3 changes of clother for her. I loved it, and still have her today. I don't care what she's worth, I would NEVER sell her!


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