Sunday, August 19, 2007

You Had Me at Hello?

That is one of the most cheesy lines in a movie I ever heard. It makes me gag when someone says it. Might have something to do with Tom Cruise but the only way I will know is if Johnny Depp says it too-and if it still makes me gag, well I won't turn Johnny down! I will give him the chance to say another corny line and see what happens.

This card is the remnant of several mistakes. The top of the base card had words across the bottom edge that smeared, so I cut them off the white base card and then layered another color over the top and didn't like that. So that is when I decided to use the scissor treatment. I put the orange on the inside of the white card and then trimmed the bottom of the top. I snipped the same design on a piece of blue and redid the bottom of the white too, to make a matching front.

Adding a strip of pattered paper across the front helped but I was originally going to use some Prima flowers on this. I had a die cut slide holder and it matched up pretty well, so I stamped a word on some vellum and popped it on the back of the slide.

It is an awkward card because you can't stand it up and have to lean it against something but I can't throw perfectly good pieces of paper or card stock away. I wouldn't go out of my way to make this design again but ya never know. I just need another cheesy phrase to come up with another idea at midnight, I guess.

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