Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blog Scattergories

I found this over at Kelly's.

For each question your answer has to start with the same letter that your first name starts with. For boy/girl names the name can't be the same as your own. I challenge you to try this out with YOUR name.

  • Your Name: Jan (or Janet)
  • Famous Artist/Band/Musician: John Denver
  • 4 letter word: Junk (what most stuff is to me)
  • Vehicle: Justy-from Subaru pre-1994 and ugly too.
  • TV SHOW: Jeopardy
  • City/Town: Jackson, MI
  • Boy Name: Jonathan
  • Girl Name:Jacqueline
  • Occupation: Journalist
  • Something you wear: jeans
  • Celebrity: Janet Jackson
  • Food: jasmine rice (yum!!)
  • Something found in a kitchen: Jamaican Jerk spice (yum too)
  • Reason for Being Late: jump the shark (life is like TV sometimes)
  • Cartoon Character:Johnny Quest
  • Something You Shout: Jeez Louise (thank you Archie Bunker)

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