Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Language of The Heart

I love to camp. Stamp camp that is. The card enclosed is from spring stamp camp. I might like to regular camp if I had a tent to myself and the skeeters stayed away. I do like the outdoors and love solitary time, too. But the closest I am gonna get to any camping for now is at Stacey's or Jane's. Actually, It's probably cheaper too.

I think the stamp I used on this card has been discontinued. It's from My Sentiments Exactly. I see they are going to acrylics, which is okay. But there is something special about rubber on a wooden block. I know I like highly detailed images on rubber only tho. This particular stamp did not have the "O" in love so you can fill it in with anything from a button, flower, photo etc. I did find another one locally from MSE that is on the same track but it isn't at their website so may be older. For anyone searching the item numbers are MSE SS107. That one only has the word LOVE on a square block with the "O" also missing.

This card is pretty easy to do. Use a plain white folded card. Stamp with silver embossing ink and silver DETAIL powder the phrase on a pink sheet cut to size. Make sure when stamping you leave enough room on one side for the ribbon and enough on the other end to tear it a bit.

Punch out a heart from glitter paper-there are at least a 5 or 6 companies making this in both 8 x 11 and 12 x 12 sizes and some are sticker paper for convenience too. About 2.99 for the larger size and you will get a lot of punch outs too. Place the heart in the space left blank for the "O".

On the left side, run a piece of silvery ribbon up the side and tape on the back. Then add two heart brads for a little extra eye candy. Make sure you tear the right side about a 1/4 inch off and then layer to your base card. Pretty simple. I know there are other companies that make similar stamps or you could find a word stamp you like and mask off the area for the heart.

Hubby is coming home from work early tonite-is he sick? It's still daylight! Maybe I will get to go to a movie and be home by 10PM.

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