Friday, August 03, 2007

Frasier Crane

OMG-I was cleaning out photo files and found this one. I think this is like 4 years old and kinds messy as I got ink all over the black. Joan would remember this from the old Karen's way before the move, way before the year of construction on Davison Road, back in the good old days! I miss my Friday's before the gym even if it was out of the way for me. I think the gas was under a 1.50 then too--man I should go check my fuel log but it's storming and my car is NOT in the garage right now.

I love black and white and black and silver and black and red. It's always a classic look and this just pops off the card stock. It was basically just inked and embossed in silver. Pretty easy and an image like this does best by itself with nothing to overwhelm it.

Here is the inside too. I don't remember why I photographed this so long ago, but I had some other weird things in files that were kinda "Huh?" too. Here's to the old days-there is always a chance to revisit them again if "someone" wakes up and smells the ink pads (he he!). Ah, she ain't reading this anyways. Got her head stuck up you know where.

For Joan, Pat, Jan, Libby and the others-missing you.


  1. Love the crane. Black and white always seems so classy to me. Thanks for sharing a great card.

  2. Love the simplicity and the black is very elegant!


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