Monday, August 13, 2007

Opinion Poll Closed and Winner(s) Announced

I am sorry I didn't get this up right away. Too many things to do, not enough hands or support. I used random to select a number for a winner. Before I announce the winner (and I don't have a photo of the small prize I have selected yet as it rained all day) I should announce the opinion poll results.

Poor lonely stamen got no votes at all. I am not sure what that thing actually was but most thought it a spider. If I turn it upside down, it reminds me of a firework or waterfall. The crystal leaves and the fairy each got one vote apiece. and the butterfly did a little better. Almost tied for 2nd place were the two button renditions and I personally liked the satin button a lot more than the swirl button. But in a runaway, the original design ruled the voting with more than twice as many votes as the runners up. So here is the winner as selected independently by my fellow bloggers. Sometimes it's best to trust first impressions and not tinker, I guess.
The random selection was number 27, who is Jo. Please email me so I can get this bit of goodies out to you. and just for the heck of it, I decided to draw another number, which was 4 and that was dear Dana so you need to contact me with your email too.

I personally am freezing, so my heating pad is calling. I hate it when its under 70F and will be pulling out the warm jammies tonight. Ciao!

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  1. I'm glad your original design won. It's surprising to me how much my opinion of a card previously thought im-perfect, over time can become JUST what I was looking for. Happens to me frequently (thay's whay I keep my "trash" pile for at least a few weeks before tossing them out for good).

    So, I feel lucky that you decided to pick another random number! How about that?! I will email you right now.


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