Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big on Congrats!

ETA: For anyone who requested more info on these tomatoes, they are a hybrid called Juliet. It's a cross between an oblong cherry and a Roma. They are resistant to cracking, and even after picking will hold for a while. Size fully grown is 1 ounce. Harvesting is in 60 days. Small compact cage/stakeable bush perfect for large pots on decks and patios.

I was going to call this dueling tomatoes as my friend Becky has photos of the ones she is growing so I went thru the pix I took last week and added them here. This is a new tomato to me. It's smaller than my thumb fully grown and sweeter and very firm but isn't a plum or Roma variety. I have been eating them for several weeks now and have a bunch ripening on the window sill. Hubby managed to bump and crack the buckets I am growing them in and a bunch fell off green. As you can see, I also companion planted some basil in the pots too.

Now the card is another screw up. I ended up lopping off an end as I punched the holes too close together and adding new ones at the other side. This used scraps and some odds and ends from the 2nd drawer-the first drawer being the paper one. The third drawer holds my sanity in case you were wondering.

I inked all the edges of paper to distress and just fit them to the front of a folded, textured piece of Bazzill card stock. After gluing, I took the distress pad and rubbed it over the front for a dirty look. I then punched three small holes on the left and tied three small pieces of leftover ribbon thru each one. I then spelled out the word with acrylic stamps and inked them up to add to a length of plain card stock and also distressed it a bit. The final touch was three small brads at the bottom.

I send a big congrats to Becky and a pat on the back to myself on growing 'matoes with no blossom rot this year! And hopefully, Brian doesn't run over hers with the lawn mower like my duffus tried to.


  1. Beautiful tomatoes!

  2. Jan the tomatoes make my mouth water. We have lots on the vine, but none ripe yet. Yours look like grape tomatoes. Generally they are awesomely sweet. Great card too! You are great with ideas!

  3. Are they grape tomatoes? I think I am growing or attempting to grow the same tomatoes but the squirrels beat me to them most of the time!

  4. There is nothing better than the combo of homegrown tomatoes and basil. Thanks for showing the pictures; I'm envious!

  5. What a great idea to add basil, I'll have to remember that for my potted cherry tomato plant next year. My plant is finally starting to ripen and I had 6 ripe little tomatos for breakfast. YUM! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous plant!!!

  6. Love your card. It is so earthy looking.



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