Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Leaving Comments On My Blog

I really like it when you visit and feel like leaving a comment or two. It makes the time I take to post stuff more fun (I was gonna say funner but the language police might be out today!).

One thing please be aware of-I moderate the posts. So if you don't see your posting right away, there will be a message at the top that says it's waiting for me to approve it. I got some nasty posts on my other blog when I first started it (and I am neglecting so badly) that I had to remove the posts and moderate it too. Some people thought it was un-American to choose to not partake of animal flesh.

I don't mind if you have something negative to say-as it's not really negative but an opinion from you. It's what we are entitled to based on our constitution. But threats are not allowed. Pornography is not allowed. Nasty language (where asterisks would suffice) is not allowed.

But if you feel less than sunny, it's okay. If you really dislike something, say so without being mean. I am a big girl and would love to respond.

I leave you with a corny dog.

Now back to our regular programming.


  1. First, so sorry that you have had problems on your previous blog. We are all entitled to our opinions and if I disagree I just shake my head and move on- certainly no need to be nasty to the poster (is there such a word)? Second, thank-you so much for visiting my blog. Last, my mother's name is Corn so we love "corny" jokes!

  2. Sorry to hear that someone left you nasty comments. I thankfully have not recieved any of those yet! And hopefully never do.. :)

  3. Definitely don't understand the negative posting? Go figure. These are suppose to be fun and for me they are inspiring and helpful for stamping.

    Love the corn dog! lol

  4. Sorry that people were leaving not nice comments on your blog. :-(

  5. That picture is great! Thanks for your comments on mine! And you are so going to have to explain the feedburner thing to me, lol.


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