Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm So Glad....

I tend to scrounge thru the clearance bins and buy odd things not really knowing what I am going to do with them. This was the case with this pre-printed paper ribbon. It was several feet on a roll and about 50 cents. A bargain if I use it, right?

I then found some odd chunky striped card stock. And those pieces of paper ribbon looked pretty good laid over the seams of the different colors. So I attached them alternately using small brads and staples.

I felt I needed something else-and have this whole drawer of chipboard and punch outs as I take them out of the packages when I get them and dump them all together to dive thru. So I found this medium circle chip and it just seems perfect, ya think?


  1. What a deal, and what a clever way to use it too!

  2. I think your card is awsesome! I also think that it was smart of you to pick up that wonderful paper deal becuase look at what you made with it! Now I must start looking for good deals. ;)



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