Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is That All There Is???

I went to the Grand Opening of Archiver's in Sterling Heights today. So not impressed!! I was so hyped about this store after hearing about it for months and had bugged my son when he was in Minneapolis last year to walk up and down the aisles to take phone photos or tell me what was there and to actually see the store-a lame one at that-was highly annoying. I would not go out of my way again to go back here-and it was really out of my way as it's about an hour and a half drive for me in horrible traffic. This was not their first day either. Luckily, there is a wonderful scrap/stamp store about 8 miles north that I did get some goodies at and will always go back to.

First of all, the workers at this store are dumb! One customer who had never stamped was being coerced into taking a class without even knowing what this lady was wanting to do. The customer asked about ink pads which were described by a teenybopper as using thick and thin color pads. I "had" to listen to this!! She told her that Colorbox inks were for thick lines and Tim Holtz Distress was for thin lines. The customer asked what do I use for the heating stuff and the girl said-whatever, it doesn't matter! And that Stazon was only for glass! I stepped in right there! How can any store hire someone like this?

I sat down with the lady as I was waiting on hubby to finish work and it was nice to meet a hopefully fellow stamper. I asked her what she was hoping to do and she wants to make graduation announcements for her son like the ones they had on display in the store. So I went looking for these papers/stamps etc. and then we asked the store personnel, and they said it was out of season for that!! OMG!

I gave the customer the website for Split Coast Stampers for ideas and told her NOT to take a class at this store. I gave her a couple of options locally as there are a lot more stores in her area including the Scrapbook Tree just up the road a bit in Shelby Township. I should have given her my email as she says she would love to go to the conventions but none of her friends want to as it's too expensive even as she offered to share stamps with them. No one I know would do that! I do hope I run into her again and I will remember her face for sure. She did say she would visit the Tree later in the week.

I thought Archiver's would have some of their own brands for one. Too many binders/albums on display for my taste. Too themed. Not enough adult scrapping items and the samples were too corporate-didn't anyone local make any for the store or is the idea that every Archiver's class for say, Christmas cards, make them the same all across the country? That would suck!

I did buy a few things-I had a coupon :). There was already a clearance bin in the back so I got some Crate Paper packs. A few new stamps for Halloween and some of that wonderful flocking stuff everyone is raving about. But nothing that I haven't really seen before or have access to. If I see any more Heidi Grace stuff that isn't new I will puke. One whole wall of this-and I know a store that was, I swear, turning into a Heidi store for a while. Even Joann's has it now. Too much!

One shocking thing-you know those wonderful 99 cent stamps we all see at Joann's and Micheal's? A buck ninety nine at Archiver's. Their special priced items in the back are double what anyone else sells them for.

So I just went thru my stash-and found mistakes. The paper packs were supposed to be half off and rang up for 25% off, but the two packages of brads-not on the receipt. One stamp was over rung by a buck and the another pad of paper not showing either. I have yet to figure out if I came out ahead, in the red or broke even!

I did have a good thing happen tho-I stopped for din din at a place called Buca as it was almost 9:30 and hubby finally got out of work and I was not driving home and cooking. If you want giant portions, go here. I have enough left over for 2 more meals and the garlic bread is soooooo yummy!

My grade for Archiver's C-. My grade for dinner B+. The ink girl F.


  1. I love the fact you graded it.

    I recently went shopping and had such a bad checkout girl, I ended up getting over 75% off my purchases...although the time it took to figure that out was ridiculous (however, I just HAD to find out). Shocking how hard it can be.

  2. Good to hear that I am not missing anything here in Canada (online shopping rocks!). I used to go to Buca di Beppo's in CA...oh, yum! Every time I go back, I have to go (with about 10 friends!)...

  3. I LOVED your review Jan! Made me LOL in a few places.
    Not having any Archivers anywhere near here (I've never seen one and have only recently begun hearing about them from other stampers), I'm not too concerned. I buy almost everything online or at Joanns. I live an hour away from AC Moore and Michael's and any other smaller scrap/stamp store, so online is my best option if I don't want to spend my Saturday driving all over and fighting a multitude of other shoppers.

    Don't you just love folks (teeny-bopper girl) who offer advice on things they know NOTHING about?

  4. Jan - wow that's amazing. I've never been to an Archivers and from your description, not impressed! uuugh. At least you got a yummy meal out of it; I love Buca di Beppo! YUM and yes - HUGE portions too - its a fun place to go with a large crowd! well anyway - have fun playing with your new goodies; the ones you overpaid for AND got for free (hee hee)

    Beth (mommy to a busy almost-4 yr old)


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