Thursday, August 09, 2007

Free The Carp

My hubby travels with his job to Asia a few times a year. I am glad when he goes as I usually get some huge back logged jobs done. But I started one when he left in June and it's still not done. He even went on a mini trip when he got back but still I got behind. I like to make noise when I am working and I cant when it's late at night with out him asking what the heck am I up to. I give up....when is he leaving again?

I gave him my old digital to take to China and Korea and he took a bunch of photos-but only one came out okay. A photo of his bed. I won't bore you with it. He seems to think taking photos off the bus thru the window should be Pulitzer Prize Winners. They were all glare and washed out-except the pristine white bed. But he also went to a wedding in Iowa and none of those came out EXCEPT the one below. Why would anyone want a photo of this?

So there are the two men in my life-hubby at the bottom (no, not in the bucket!) and son's white socks. I bet they were so proud and smirky that day. I hope they enjoyed their bucket of crap--um...carp. Poor fishies.

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