Friday, August 17, 2007

Going Postal!

For anyone who knows me and my trials and tribulations with the PO, I want to say this card was made way long before I started having problems. I use the services of the PO so rarely because of past craziness and still have enough stamps left over that I will probably die before using them up. I have not heard whether my last blog goodie winner ever got her package. I contacted her several times and she said no. Is it truly lost or did the clerk decide to eat if for lunch after he pissed me off so bad? I almost didn't want to offer fun stuff for a while. But I will never send parcel post ever again. If its large enough, it will go Fed Ex.
This is a larger card-not the standard A2 I like so much. I made this at a Friday Make and Take with Joann and Pat a long time ago before the store moved. If I remember right, we used some spray color wash on a white layer and then stamped in a dye orange ink the Hero Arts stamp. I don't remember the brand of ink but it may have been the very intense Vivid. Are these still being made today? I have about 5 or 6 larger pads but never see them anymore in the stores.

Then taking black ink, I stamped a few postal/passport type stamps. Interesting to note-those are not real canceled stamps. We used a sheet of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper with reproductions of stamps and cut out some that fit the stamped images. Then with the postal decorative edge scissors, cut them to size. Glued them in place and added a cancellation mark on the corner stamp and near the bottom. I know they still make this paper as I have seen it at Joann's and Micheal's-I am thinking it's Pizazz paper.

Layer this piece on a black layer to the base cream card.

I have to go to the PO tomorrow to mail out my latest goodies to the two winners. I will have another contest in a few weeks, so sign up for the email or reader updates so you will be aware of it. Allison could break her fingers and not be able to list all the goodies out there. What would we all do then??

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