Friday, August 17, 2007

A Poser at 2 AM..

I am cleaning out my inbox and finally getting thru the digests and other bigger files of the week. I have noticed several bloggers complaining about not having any comments on their recent posts. They think their work is slipping or that no one cares or that everyone has gone to the moon.

I sometimes wonder what makes others comment on a card or creation. There is no way I could comment on every emailed blog I get otherwise I would be a pack of bones dead at the keyboard. I try to comment on every 5 or so (I get the feeds of over 350 as of tonight) and if something completely blows me away. Personally, the items I have posted here that are my favorites absolutely no one made a comment about and the ones that I was usually unhappy with, get the most comments.

So other than blog candy or crumbs or all the other giveaways-what makes YOU leave a comment on any blog? Should anyone need a comment or expect one and if so, are we blogging for the wrong reasons? I love writing my blog and am glad when others stop by but if I always expect a nice comment, then maybe I am doing this wrong-I can always take it private as some of my other blogs are and not have a problem at all. I am doing this for a diary effect-to show me where I am and how I feel and what propels me to create what I have.

I get an odd sense when I read that art bloggers are expecting comments when I believe we are making art to please our souls and bring something from our depths that blossoms for us. If no one ever leaves comments again, I am okay with that. I just hope you enjoyed your time here and that you feel good about surfing the artiness of the Internet.


  1. I think a lot of folks like you are just blogged down (no pun intended) and try to quickly skim through all the different folks blogs that they visit. Not many folks have all day to just sit around and browse so they quickly visit and most don't even read what you've posted. I see that a lot on my visitor report where many folks come by, but most for less than a minute. I do get a few comments here and there, but they are usually from the same 5 or 6 folks. I think it's very sweet of them to come by and visit as often as they do and I accept their comments gracefully.

    I've always felt that leaving comments are a nice thing to do when you love someone's work, but honestly, I don't always do it either. It's my belief that you share what you love when you post your art work and hope that what you do helps others with their creativity. Yes, it is nice if they mention you when they've got a great idea from you, but it's not likely to happen very often unless you are one of the very well known and published folks out there.

  2. Comments are nice...I find I get them for anything but my cards (of course, I seldom get the time to create the way I would like...everything seems to constant get in the way...darn responsibilities!). I think that maybe some people don't feel much validation in the day-to-day (so much of our jobs, mothering, housecleaning is not something that always gets high praise) so maybe the comments are what they need. I am not saying it might be for the right reasons (i.e., the "wow factor" of the card) but I can understand it.

  3. Maybe people are getting less comments because we have more access to numerous blogs. Bloggers need only look at their counters to feel the love. We'll also try to do better!

  4. Jan you hit it right on the mark.
    I too, think that bloggers (especially crafty ones) feel the need for comments to validate their work. I only recently realized that I don't feel that way anymore, but for a short time, I honestly did. My blog, my art, my cards are made for me, for family, for friends. I don't share them to receive accolades. Like you, my blog is more of a visual journey for me to look back on and see how things have changed.
    I leave a comment when I feel I have something to say besides "nice card". I also regularly leave comments on those who take the time to comment on MY blog as a way of saying, "Hey, I saw what you did today too, and thanks for visiting."

  5. Well said! I comment when something strikes enough that I feel it was inspiring to my creativity. I usually save it in my Google Reader so I can go back and look at it again. No blogger should complain about comments...unless they are doing it for the comments which is pretty obvious in my book.

  6. hi Jan - interesting question/topic. i don't have a blog myself but read quite a few via Google Reader (hundreds). i would say that I comment on maybe 5-8 per day - when i see a creation or project that really catches my eye, or if there's a cool blog candy or an interesting question that someone asks (like this one). or sometimes just if someone seems like they're having a down day, or feeling sick, i like to leave a cheery comment. sort of whatever strikes my fancy i guess. look forward to seeing others' comments. have a super day!

    Beth B. (mommy to a 4-yr old!!)

  7. margot3:34 PM

    I leave comments on projects I think are unique and eye-catching. I like seeing new techniques and new products. However, I've become more complacent over time as it seems that more and more blogs are into marketing or promoting a product rather than sharing the artist's work. I understand that when a product is new more than a few people are going to be enamored of it but there are quite a few times when I feel that I'm just hearing a sales pitch--and it's a turn off. I feel the "tags" work both ways too. At times they turn me onto an artist, technique, product, etc. that I was unaware of but after a while I just get tired of reading yet another blog that is a response to a "tag". Too much of a good thing in these cases?


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