Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shaker-Not Stirred

This was a first for me-a shaker box card!! How cool is it (no pun intended)? I have wanted to try them before but always worried about mailing them. I am not mailing this one as it's MINE!

Here above is a view from the front. This was part of Stamp Camp Winter at Stacey's place. I also did her spring one but either there was no summer camp or I just got smoggy brain and missed it. Stacey and her mom have the coolest ideas and always utilize items on projects that you might not know about or pass over. I spend too much there but I deserve it!

We first punch the corners of the front of a plain white folded card. After running a metallic piece thru a corrugater, the paper is slipped behind the corner punched slits to hold. I usually add a dab of some glue in case it slips out.

Then taking a die cut piece of chipboard (this one being from Hero Arts) I stamp snowflakes (Hero Arts) around the piece in two different colors and shapes. I also edge the chipboard with the blue ink. Then turn it over and tape a piece of acetate to fit over the aperture and put some foam tape around all the sides close to the inside shape so no small spaces will let your shaker ingredients fall out. I took regular foam tape and cut it in half lengthwise to conserve tape. Then I added about a good tablespoon full of Vintage Crushed glass which was from Art Glitter Institute and then the entire back of it is covered with a Bazzill textured scrap after taking the protecting paper off the foam tape. Press to seal and shake a bit to make sure there are no escapees! Then you mount your shaker to the front of the card!

This card is very heavy and don't forget-you also get the pop out to decorate when you buy the Hero Arts Chips. A card and a tree ornament or a gift tag perhaps? Shake it baby!


  1. This is a great card Jan! I love shaker cards but I have to cut them by hand so, needless to say, I don't do them that often! Thank you for commenting on my blog! I am still trying to figure out what to give away so keep checking, maybe you will win again!!!


  2. I have yet to make a shaker card, but this one is really pretty. I like the simple color scheme. So pretty and soft. I must be the LAST card-crafter on the planet to have not made one yet...


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