Saturday, August 25, 2007

Get Well Fenton

It was a strange day today. I was just getting ready to go outside about 4 PM to take some photos of my cards and my garden, when my phone went off. No one calls me that early. It was my daughter who was an hour away asking me if I was home and could I check the weather for her. She was on her way towards me to pick up my niece for a weekend of girly fun and she thought she heard tornado sirens. Sure enough! The radar was all red and looking like hell wind-and that meant it was barreling toward me too.

sideways rain
Soon it was so dark-and ominously still-that I could not see my hand in front of my face. I got out my flashlights and weather radio (which kept giving me another county update)-and saw the warnings coming across the Internet and TV (and that got hit by lightening and lost video feed)-but no local sirens in Flushing-they actually never went off but I could hear the next city's over blaring away. Hubby called and I said to stay away until I knew what was gonna happen storm-wise. He ended up going back to work in Warren which is an hour plus away on a good day. The interstate was at a standstill filled with churly water backups.

Unfortunately, Fenton a beautiful little burg south of me, was hit pretty hard. Two confirmed tornadoes tore thru the historical district. Hundred year old trees are gone. Beautiful Victorian homes no longer have roofs. But other than a few scraps and bruises, no one died! It was rush hour when this hit and the season's first football game was getting under way. But we all live to have more freaky weather again. It has been a horrific week in the Midwest-flooding and tornadoes daily. I will never understand why people die when they have warnings from floods-but tornadoes are usually on the ground before the sirens go off. The stalled out front is finally moving on to the east and soon will be over the ocean, waiting until another day to terrorize again. But we are okay-nerves a little frayed, doggie poop on my feet (Marley needs Valium more than me) and dinner late but tasty.

This card was made from a punch out sheet band aid I bought about 3 years ago. All the other items are from my scrap bin and easily layered. The corner brads were added for a little more dimension.

Fentonians will survive this storm and be back to business soon-and if you are ever in the area, make sure you hit up the French Laundry for lunch or brunch. There are also 2 scrapbooking shops and a lot of antiquing venues for added fun. A beautiful tree-lined city hidden in the armpit of Michigan. Well worth the drive.

This weekend in the Flint area is a big deal-it's the Crim Festival of Races topped off by the Special Olympics run thru downtown. Power is out, streets are flooded, but we will all still show up to run-or float-our buns off. Wish me luck-a 10 miler is coming up in a few hours. Hydrating is good but not thru my shoes!


  1. WOW! I'm so glad that you are safe. Tornados are so scary! Good luck with the race, and yes, stay hydrated! It's going to be 100 degrees here in MD today -- I can't believe that my husband is still going to play soccer. ARGH. Love your blog.

  2. Thank God you are okay. I am sorry that you are having such freaky weather. We are too minus the tornadoes though. Lots of winds, hail and lightning. Very freaky weather indeed. Stay safe. Oh and by the way. I love your card. :)



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