Monday, August 20, 2007

Share Your Quirkiness

I found this a while back and thought I might come up with some stuff-but honestly I am all quirks.

Eating toast-I tear it from the inside out in bits and then eat crusts.

I only drink bottled water-Volvic from Whole Foods.

I hate the phone-will meet up with someone or email them.

I am totally anal about balancing my checkbook and have been known to be hysterical if I am one cent off.

I always take my scrap/stamp supplies out of their plastic/cardboard stuff and recycle what I can't use. I find the supplies take up a whole less room that way. I even take apart the paper from the label to recycle it too.

Speaking of recycling, don't invite me to your house if you have garbage laying out-I will go thru it and take out the items I know can be re-used or recycled. I have no shame!

I only wear white undies-all cotton at that. Same with socks.

I save the warranties/instructions for every item I buy until it dies, is given away or blows up. I keep them in a large accordion file in the hall closet. I have some for over 25 years now.

I save all my movie, concert, arena sports and other entertainment tickets. I have hundreds if not thousands of them now. I started saving them at 12. I have no idea why-I just can't toss them.

I only wear running shoes. I recently had to buy some dress shoes for my son's wedding. I wore them that day and they are back in the box probably for forever.

I sleep with a heating pad and a hot water bottle even if it's 90F. And a handmade quilt and flannel jammies finishes up the sleeping photo.

I hate electric toothbrushes-it's because my mouth is so ticklish.

When I grocery shop and use a coupon, I tally up the amounts of the coupons and put that amount in a jar-once a year I take it to the bank along with any rebates I have amassed and buy a certificate of deposit. I have used this found cash for 5 computers, a digital SLR , season tickets to the Pistons and other high end items. The stuff I could live without but want.

I have to have something to read with me at all times-my daughter is the same way. It drove her old boy friend nutty when we were with them. I would even in desperation pick up local free non-English newspapers just to have something/anything to look at. This dates back to reading the cereal boxes as a kid I think.

If dining at an Asian restaurant, I have to use chopsticks. I don't understand why anyone would want to use Western implements while eating Sushi. I think it makes you eat slower and savor the flavors more anyway.But some places don't even offer them to you and are surprised if you ask for them.

I can't light the gas grill. I am terrified it will blow up on me.

I always give up eBay for lent.

I save the fronts of all my t shirts for quilt squares-most of them are running shirts but a few historical ones like Hands Across America, Comic Relief and the World Championship ones of the Pistons, Tigers, Shock and Red Wings are also included.

I leave love notes for the garbage collectors. Just in case they think about not taking something.

If I am out for a late night run and see dogs or cats-I stop and talk to them. Just because I can.


  1. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by my blog, I think you could come to my house and do some recycling :o)

    Visit again soon.


  2. kerry davis8:51 AM

    oh my gosh - you ARE all quirks! I love 'em -- you sound REALLY organized. Wish I could be a little more like that....

  3. This was funny and cute. Love notes to the garbage man...cute!


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