Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Special As Can "Bee"

Tag cards are fun. You can make them as big or as small as you like and do just about any design with them too. I think as Christmas cards, they are fun especially if you included a gift card inside .The hardest part to me is getting the inside tag corners even. Someone taught me recently to cut one side and use that as a template for the other side. It worked too!

This card is pretty easy and the highlight is the bee of course. It's a photo corner! I was gonna use just the bee but stuck the whole thing on it and let it "be". I folded a sheet of paper in half and then folded down the front to make a flange where I could add a piece of patterned paper and run the twine underneath before gluing the sides. The end card is standard A2 size for reference.

Below you will see the tag outside the pocket. You could journal here or add a photo of your garden or kids. Even better, pop a gift card to the local flower nursery for the giftee!

Here is a link to another tag card I did a while back and I will have another coming soon-I was on a roll I guess-busy as a bee!

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