Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thinking of You-Photos Added

This was the card I wanted to submit for the local contest. I loved its "dirtiness" Unfortunately, I could not use this because it wasn't the correct printed papers. I tried to find more of the papers locally as they were from KI, but no one had the current hot pink summery ones. SO I really wanted to go with this style and them, but had to go in a different direction. I always like my rejects better than my actual submission.

This card used Great Impressions SOTM for May 2007. I usually like the other stamps in the set each month and usually pass on the actual SOTM. But this stamp was in the card kit. I hand punched the edges using my corner round-I have them in three different sizes and this was the medium one. I also punched the small holes over the scallops using my Cropidile. And then I sanded the paper for a worn look. All the edges were distressed inked and the flowers were stamped and Stickled before cutting. I used some random letters to make up the words I was thinking of using. I wanted something generic for the phrase to keep it more versatile.

I actually stamped! I don't like my submitted card so don't know if I will add it here until I hear who won. I saw the entries and honestly-they all sucked, including mine.

ETA--here is the winning card for this month's contest. Like I said above, I was disappointed in every one's entries including mine. This contest was not anywhere near the quality of the last time which had about 5 that were excellent.

The card below was my entry-I absolutely hated it because I am not into hot pink or anything pink! I have no idea if I got any votes as I don't ask. And its better not to know.


  1. Jan, u're too funny! this is very pretty. did you hear who won yet?!


  2. I think it's a cool card! We are always so critical of our own work.


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