Monday, July 02, 2007

Things That Matter

I did not get a photo today of my give away. I promise to tomorrow and hope to get more participants. Last month I had almost 40 but that time I had a photo right away. I promise you that you will like the goodies-so don't hesitate to play the game with me. Think of it as a reverse Pandora's Box-only good things will come out of it.

Hubby came home from his latest trip, I met him for an early supper as I was on my way to the gym-but never got there-as then we waited on daughter passing thru town on her way to the beach for a few days. I wish I was going someplace fun-but I would want to go alone and specific to what I want to do for me and apparently that isn't acceptable. Like I can't take care of myself away as I do for weeks at a time at home?

So this card was in my queue-I have about 15 loaded right now and waiting for editing. I love double sided card stock especially if it's textured too. I was thinking this was Crate Paper but since I cut up my card stock and patterned paper into 6 x 6 sheets, I often cut off the edge with the designations on it. I was pretty proud of myself for wedging the side like I did to show the backside on the top. Of course, I then see it in all the magazine samples this month. I distressed the edges with dark brown ink and then layered all the pieces. The ribbon is placed with Trio tape-you have to get some of this for all ribbon placement. I love it!

Go enter my contest and see what fun you can have with pseudo cash!

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  1. Cyndi Bundy9:40 AM

    I'm posting in response to your commment at my blog, LOL. You have some great ideas! This is one of my favorite lines of paper, and I still think one of the prettiest themes that Crate Paper did...beautiful card!


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