Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Charlie Brown Tree

The best thing about all the Christmas specials from my childhood was the Charlie Brown tree. When I grew up and got my own tree each year, I always managed to get the one that looked the worst (altho cutting it down on the farm, it never looked bad but I was always frozen solid and dragging kids over the hills and thru the woods) and by Christmas morning, the tree was usually on the ground because of the cats. One year, we had to wire the tree to the ceiling to keep it straight. In 1997, while I was sick, I decided not to put up a tree anymore.

By this time we had an artificial tree (as much as I love the scent of pine, I was fearful of fires and there were allergies to deal with). I haven't had a tree since then but love looking at ornaments, decorations and other accoutrement's of the season. I prefer to gift and celebrate birthdays or "just because" days as I think the Christmas season is so out of whack in recent years---come on---decorations in the stores in June? Christmas in July sales? I don't like that peace and joy and love have taken a back seat to greed-so I no longer celebrate it.

But I still make cards-and give my kids a check to do what they want with it. This year there is a new member to the family as my son got married. Johanna is a beauty so I will have to make a pretty card for her too. Unless she likes Charlie Brown trees !

This card is so easy and uses up scraps. Just cut some strips in the colors you want and stick them down on a layer using a Trio or other runner to make a tree. Punch out a star and pop dot it. Add a threaded button or other small items for some eye pleasing depth. Make a layer or two for the base card and add a stamped phrase or rub on (which I used). Kids might like making this one too! Charlie Brown, this one is for you!


  1. cute card, Jan! Thanks for commenting on my blog and good luck!

  2. This is such a cute card! I love it!

    And thanks for pointing out the "boo boo" on my blog. I fixed it right away . . .


  3. Perfect card. Doesn't everyone wire their tree to the walls and ceiling? We've been doing that since before I was born in my family. We LIKE the trees nobody wants...and besides, we cut them down from our own property when I was a kid and they NEVER were the pretty fir or spruce that folks buy nowadays.
    Let's hear it for the Charlie Brown tree!

  4. Great card and a great idea to use scraps!

    Thank you for posting that link on my blog a while bck, it helped. I haven't started baking again yet but I will.

  5. Thanks for your comment. I'm glad I'm not the only one have a mini-midlife crisis. Maybe I need more stamps!


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