Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ghostly Images

I sometimes make cards and love them. I many times make cards and hate them. I usually take those apart and never go back to them and rescue what I can. When I made this card, I think I knew right away it was just not right and even my niece said it was a nose wrinkly card. Maybe had the white card stock been textured I might have thought it was passable but I doubt it. So I took it apart and months later-this week in fact-I played with it some more.


So I added some color with textured card stock and inked the edges with soot ink and layered the pieces on plain black card stock (I tried purple but didn't like it) for the base card. This ghostly guy I found in a grab bag and just chalked his facial features and shadows a bit, took a piece of pre-printed ribbon with some itty bitty brads and attached this concoction to the scrap papers I used. It's a much cuter card with more pow-one my niece would not wrinkle her nose at anymore. And a quickie too!


I need to get more going with these colors too. Halloween is my favorite day of the year-better than Christmas to me! Boo to You!!


  1. I LOVE how you re-invented this FUN card!!!....SUper cute!!

  2. Your ghost is so cute!!!!! don't be so hard on yourself Jan!

  3. Love Halloween, Love this card!

  4. cool Jan!!! totally love what you ended up with - too cute!!!

    P.S. If you'd like for me to send a TAC catty to you - let me know....

    email me at


  5. Rhonda9:50 AM

    I like these both!!! Halloween is my favorite...besides Christmas, of course!


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