Thursday, July 12, 2007

Autumn Velvet

I stamped on velvet! How cool is that? I learned this from Stacey at Stamp Image Studio in Fowlerville at a stamp camp. Of course, the place she got the ribbon from no longer makes it, so I hope to experiment with some other pieces I picked up at Joann's recently. I bought velvet from the remnant bin at 50% off the remnant price as I could not find any velvet ribbon at all.
Basically, you need a heat resistant cloth and you lay your fabric over a wood mounted stamp-DO NOT use an acyclic stamp!-and do this rubber side up and spritz the velvet with warm water-don't saturate it tho. Then lay the heat resistant cloth over the image and fabric and use an iron to "stamp" your image into the velvet. Really, you are melting some of the fibers of the velvet. If you look close on the right leaf, you will see where I rocked a bit and it picked up the edge of the rubber which I did not want to do. I would say count to 10 at most to get the image. You can then mount your velvet image however you want.

The layer that frames the velvet used a wood grain stamp with Distress ink but I think a golden hue might work too. The corners were rounded using a corner rounder and then the word Autumn(Hero Arts) was stamped and embossed on some metallic like cardstock and cut out. You could pop dot this if you wanted. Lots of ideas with this technique and if you have scraps of velvet-oh my! you will have fun. Just be careful depending on what sort of velvet you use. Some are all acrylic and it's best to have some cotton in it I think. Try a small piece before you go crazy with an idea.

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  1. Your velvet impression is really neat! And yes, it is cool to be in each other's kitchens via the internet! Have a great day ~


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