Friday, July 20, 2007

Bon Voyage!

No, I'm not going anywhere. I can't even get an hour down the freeway to the art fair for some reason. Every day, I get dressed, make sure everything is hunky dory with myself and the dog and the weather bureau issues a storm watch or warning. Twice today, I thought I was going only to have to dive for cover as it poured and I honestly have not seen trees do what they did yesterday and still stay upright after. My potted flowers blew off the deck, the umbrella was across the yard and the chairs upturned. Don't like that stuff-wind scares me.

Here is a card maybe someday I can send to myself if I ever go anywhere. I want to spend a summer in the British Isles as that is half my heritage. I just need a way to get there and back without flying. Am I too old for the Merchant Marines? Or maybe a giant whale can swallow me and spit me out on the white cliffs of Dover.

This card was another easy one. I used my trusty Heidi distressor on all the darker edges after I distressed them with Tim inks.I did ink up the base card a bit as I am not big into white background cards. The flower was punched out and I punched a circle to match and edged it too. The hardest part to me is lining up the acrylic stamps to make words so I finally went out and bought a block that had lines on it to make it easier. I know you can etch your blocks but I have no idea how to do it straight, so it was easier to buy one already done.

I did pop dot the flower a bit because the layers were a bit uneven. So the dots are only on the top of the flower for balance. The upper right corner was a bit bare and I always know eyelets or brads are easy to fill some space with, so these white ones worked out fine. I see now one of them is a bit defective-I wonder how many in a pack of 100 end up like that? These brads have a bit of a rubbery feel to them-unlike the ones that are metallic in feel. Must be the paint. I got them on clearance as I buy them even if I don't need them now when I see a color I like and can split with daughter.

Bon Voyage-I am going to bed to read my new stamp magazines I got this week. Maybe the dog will actually let me sleep by myself for a change.

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  1. Wonderful card! Thanks for giving me that link on my blog. I will look into it.


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