Friday, July 13, 2007

I Was Tagged----2nd Time This month!

So seven new things about me...are you sure you want to be bored again?

1--My husband and I only had two dates. He and I went on one to Mr Steak in April 1972 and he went away for 6 weeks. He came back, we went to the drive in and I moved in with him. We got married (eloped actually) and it's 35 years later. I am still a cheap date as I often just get a tea and a salad. He didn't know I didn't eat meat, so I ordered a baby steak and had them burn it so I didn't have to eat it.

2--I have the ticket stubs to every movie, every concert and every sports event I have ever gone to in my life. Not so much a pack rat as an ephemera collector. I also have my very first utility bill I had in my name.

3--I love rutabagas. Just boiled and smashed with some parsley and a little margarine and some seasoning. I got this from my gramma and I make it at Christmas along with a Tofurkey. Yum-o

4--I have all the original Star Wars action figures along with the ships. They were my son's but he gave them to me for safekeeping and when I can, I take them out and have my own little scenarios. I love toys and have my brother Bruce's blue rubber car from 1957. It and a photo are the only things I have that were his. He died at 15 and he would have loved Star Wars action figures so much

5--I went to 12 years of Catholic school prison. My senior year as I was 17, I moved out, enrolled myself in a public school and got a job. There really was a world out there and I wanted to experience all the wonder of it. I went to school with black kids for the first time in my life-1971. I still can dance like Paulette showed me how in the halls in front of my locker-something the nuns would not allow in our stiff blue and white uniforms. Odd that I wanted to be a nun in grade school

6--I collect vegetarian cookbooks and have over 150. I especially like ethnic ones and if they are like travelogues, all the better. A trip diary and some recipes from the area are a perfect combination!

7--I have to buy a new car every two years-it's part of my husband's job description with GM-so I buy the cheapest ones they make with nothing much added. It may sound like a good deal to others to have a new car that often but I can't get much for them after and really don't drive many miles-less than 6000 a year. I heard they are changing the program to every 4 years. But it still wont make me buy a more expensive gas guzzler. I say bring back the Geo line and make it electric! I haven't driven my car in almost 2 weeks. But as long as he works for them, we have to have a current or last year model car in his name-even if it sits in the driveway undriven. It sucks.


  1. Uh yeah...I went to Catholic school prison for 12 years too!! Think I still have the rash from those wool skirts! lol

  2. My hubby is a salaried employee for Delphi. I worked as an hourly employee. I liked it better when it was GM though. I found it interesting that you went to a school with black kids for the first time in 1971? I went to a school with all blacks kids once, when I was in the 3rd. grade. After that we went to a Lutheran school. I always went to schools that had a mixed ethnic environment. I can relate to pretty much everyone. I wish that I had someone to teach me how to dance. I never could and the black kids would tease me when I did and call me "white girl". :)

  3. Hi Jan - thanks for visiting my blog! You sound like a very interesting person from this post! I never did learn to dance. :( Oh well! I really like the get well soon card you made with the band-aids. That is such a cute idea!


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