Monday, July 30, 2007

Musical Birthday

I love double sided paper and will buy almost any I can get my hands on. I just never remember who makes some of the papers after I cut off the ends and then end up scrounging around for more when I like it a lot and of course, never can find it again. I wanted to say this was SEI but am not sure. Since it was 3 years ago-I know I never will find it again! I have started buying two sheets of some for just this reason. Know how fast this one took? Less than five minutes. I cut a piece of card stock, folded it to leave 1/4 of the size bare on top. It's adaptable for any size card from a gift tag to a huge "office get together on a gift" one. Cut the top using decorative scissors. Tie two pieces of ribbon/twill in a knot and lay across the edge after folding up the front and staple! Yes, staple it on the sides to make a pocket. If you have any excess ribbon over the sides, trim it. Use a corner rounder on the bottom if you want.

Now you need textured matching card stock that is plain or use another piece of the double sided and use the plain side. Stamp your phrase across the top and also cut with the decorative scissors.. I then used a die cut for a message but you can use a blank scrap here to write something or snot dot a gift card or add a photo of you and the birthday person-use your imagination. I later added a bit of Stickles but you can leave it plain.

Tuck this piece back in the pocket when dry and done. An out the door quickie!


  1. I love the pocket card that you made. The designer paper is very pretty and I love the ribbon that you used. Awesome.



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