Sunday, July 08, 2007

Winner!!! Come On Down!!!

Well, I am posting the winner a day late. I got home, selected the winner last night/actually early AM and crashed. I then had to photograph the cool alterable and just got so behind today. Now this extra item I have had for years. I actually have quite a few of them and I imagine they might be a collectible to Barbie fanatics. Years ago, I purchased dozen of Barbie Dolls for Toys 4 Tots and the Barbie's were all bundled in 4 dolls with one of these items pictured below. It also included a DVD/CD-ROM and poster. Now, they were loose, so we decided not to donate these at that time and maybe come up with another way to give them out later. I just discovered the box last week and thought-hmmmmmmmm-looks alterable to me with maybe a book inside or some such.

So the lucky winner of the non-pareils will receive one of the cute Barbie purses to do whatever they want to with-including maybe sell it on eBay. I don't care as long as you are happy. I know I did not get a lot of entries in my question contest-I think based on the fact that a lot of bloggers are giving away stamp sets and gift certificates is maybe a reason why mine was bypassed. I am not a demo, so I have no sets to give away and all my other crafting items went to the local Girl Scout camp. So I just had fun putting a theme together and hoped others would respond. I might do this again but maybe not as it almost has become a "top me if you can" thing for some bloggers.

So the winner will receive the above along with what was pictured on the original post last week. The winner chosen at random is..........................#1!!!!!! So for all you people who think being the first poster doesn't win-well bla! It did. So the winner is Angel Wilde over at Angelosity. Get back to me in the next few days so I can get this off to you-leave a post at the bottom of here with your email etc.

Now I never said what I would purchase-assuming I even got into the mall parking lot without having a melt down. I would like another pair of jeans from Chico's-they are the most comfortable ones I have ever owned and for those of you who never have gone there-as long as you are a 16 and under, they can fit you. And get this-they only have three sizes in the store--1, 2, 3! You can be a 14-16 anywhere else and be a 3 at Chico's!!!!! How cool is that? I think they even have half sizes too. I would probably just start buying cute things at other places for kids and donate them to the Angel Tree at Christmas after. I wear stuff until it falls apart and then some. The only thing I usually buy every year is new running shoes and live in them and my race shirts or sweats. I am easy to dress and live a simple cotton life. I do need some sweaters tho and finding any without wool is very hard-sometimes I take the men's store route for them.

I liked how Allison actually showed some links to what she liked as I do like to look at stuff online and in catalogs. And for everyone who wants shoes and purses (unless you are like me and search and inspect and even smell-leather was a no no here!!-I buy purses and shoes when I see them in fabric or non-leather and stick them away for years sometimes).Vegan shoes are big in Europe but hard to find here right now. And all the ones who wanted stamps-what mall has stamps because I am moving to your town! Our malls have shoes, and more shoes and junky stores and more shoes. How many athletic shoes places does one town need?
Back to card making maybe? I have some done but not photographed as I stuck them in a box and moved the box and ...well, you know how that goes. Which box???


  1. COOL! That's me. I'll be emailing ya!

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