Sunday, July 08, 2007

I've Been Tagged-again.

Here are the rules---------7 things about myself and tag others. I think everyone has been tagged-if you haven't, let me know and I will tag you.

1: I have screwy feet. I hurt my big right toe about 20 or so years ago and now cannot get a pair of shoes to fit right on that foot. It's like the toe knuckle is too big for most shoes. I did this in a running of a 10 mile race in Flint Mi during a monsoon.

2: I don't read fiction-unless its a Superman comic book. I will only read history, science, bio's, and that sort. I just prefer to fill my head with real stuff-if I want to get away from life, I dive into the past for a while. I have enough books to open a book store but have been giving them away as I read them instead of saving them.

3: I will not go in an airplane-as the quote goes-If I was meant to fly, it would have been easier to get to the airport. I love to look at planes both on the ground and in the sky but I don't like to be in them. The last time I was in one was 1981 and I had to get drunk. I don't need that anymore.

4: I love the old MGM musicals and know all the songs and sing them as I am out for a run. I get strange looks but who cares. It's good for my lungs and makes the time go fast. I especially like the Judy Garland and Fred Astaire ones.

5: Many of you know I am a vegetarian but not many know I also will not use medicine made from animals, hence I turned down hormones after my surgery and sought out a plant source for HRT. I also use vegetarian vitamins (much more pricey) . I also don't wear leather or wool.

6: I like it hot and humid and have always felt the stork dropped me in the wrong place and some poor woman is wandering around the jungle begging for snow and cool temps. I have lived in Michigan nearly all my life and was born here but have never felt connected here to anything other than the sports teams.

7: I am a birth mom. I had a baby girl in high school and placed her for adoption at 3 days. I was reunited with her when she was 17 and she too had a baby girl (who just graduated high school herself, with No baby!). I made the best decision for her and myself at the time and I am pro-choice-and had other options way back then. I wanted a better life for her and while that didn't always happen, I cant change the past. I just hope she isn't a gramma until she is older. And I don't want to be a great gramma until I am 60-which is a long while yet!


  1. I really enjoyed reading about you Jan. Thank you for sharing your personal life with your readers!

  2. Hey Jan,
    Your tagged info really touched my heart! I had my oldest son when I was 17! My mom helped me raise him though. I vowed that I would not become pregnant again until I was married! I had my second child when I was 38 yrs. old! My sons have nothing in common due to the age differences...isn't "life" something else!

  3. Hi Jan, I can't find a way to email you so I'll leave a comment here, it was interesting to read some things about you! To answer your question - I was at MSU fall of 89-95, so I would have overlapped with your daughter a bit! But I had moved to engineering by the end of my 2nd year, so I doubt we ever made it into the same classes. :-)


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