Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ric Rac Birthday

Just a quickie tonight. I am feeling a bit depressed and need to retreat for a day or so. I have not had time to create and have so many images in my head and I tried just cutting some paper tonight and matching colors for a respite but it didn't work. Went for a run-got a sore foot. I get in funks sometimes but maybe it was the weather cooling off that did this. It was 96F yesterday and only 73F today . I like hot and this reminds me that it doesn't stay that way and summer is a rare blossom in Michigan.

I did at least, chose from my recent collection, hot colors for you! All scraps and the acetate printed circle was from the flea market at the stamp store. I have two huge canisters of buttons that someday I will divide by style or color or when I get snowed in (bite my tongue!). I think this button was a Doodlebug one. Ric Rac from May Arts and a very quick card and versatile too. Always use the Trio tape runner with ribbon and Ric Rac and other narrow items. Love that tool!

Perhaps I will feel sunnier tomorrow-I am too old to use the PMS excuse. Unless having a husband underfoot is a hormone problem!


  1. I love this card! The colors are so bright and cheery!

  2. Hi girlfriend! Now I'm singing HE'S LARGE TOO!!!! :)

    I get in funks sometimes too. I just have to walk away and go back when I've had more sleep or feel better. This too shall pass! :)



  3. I love to see orange used on cards! Great color combo and I love the ric rac!

  4. Great card! I love those colours together.

    Hope you're feeling more yourself soon.

  5. Your card colors are bright and pretty,very nice!

    Hope you're feeling better soon, maybe comments from your "blog friends" will help~


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