Wednesday, March 07, 2007

National Neuter Your Pet Day

I recently decided to start participating in swaps after a long lay off. I was in a group several years ago that went sour so to speak. I had sent in multiple designs of tags and was supposed to swap 10 different ones back plus my original for a total of 11. I ended up getting tags that were part of some other swap and never received my own back. That was strike one. Then I was derided for questioning where my tags went as no one seemed to have gotten them in their pack back too-and stupidly I forgot to sign my work-and some were made from metal. Strike two.

I was hosting a huge swap of fibers that involved about 50 people. The swappers were supposed to put their names and which swap they were entering inside the baggies. At least half didn't. They were also to include priority postage back to them-most didn't. My hubby was getting angry at me for the mess and all the packages laying around. I finally paid for the postage back to them and just sorted the swaps as best I could making sure no one got duplicates. I was derided again from someone in the group because I complained that few had sent postage. I spent over 100.00 of my own money returning items. I said I would never participate in a swap again. I had strike three and they- the group were out. I remain in contact with only one on a regular basis from that group. I consider her my Internet sister and we have really bared our souls on occasion.

But I missed the creativeness and doing show and tell with a 10 year old is okay-but I needed more sometimes. So I found a group where you only swap out one item at a time. So far so good.

The swap I signed up for was called February Fun Days. The idea is you pick an offbeat holiday or celebration and make a card for it. You send to the next person on the list. Only one card to her and she makes one of her own to the next person. I chose National Spay and Neuter Day which is February 27. I wanted my card to say something besides just be cute. I used Whipper Snapper stamps for this tag card. When you pull out the inside tag, there is a Message that says "Love means never having to say you're sorry" I did forget to photograph the inside tho. I was in too much of a hurry that day i guess. My goal again is to use only scraps from my scrap bin until they are all gone or at least well depleted. I did make an exception for the ribbon and I needed colors to match the plaid paper. I even used part of a coffee cup holder from Tim Horton's which should make all the Canadians in readership happy! It's the corrugated piece behind the animals if you are wondering. All the coloring was done using pencils with gamsol. I only wish I had made a few extras of this card-I really like it a lot.


  1. Jan, I'm so sorry for the horrible experiences you've had swapping. Been there, done that. I left a message board and some friends behind when similar things kept happening to me. It's not fun anymore at that point.

    If you would like to get into some 'safe' swaps with a small group of dedicated (albeit, not puntual!) folks, check out my favorite MB I created with some others who were sick of the chaos.

  2. Oh, that is sooo cute!! Love the puppies images...I love just about every animal stamp I see!


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