Thursday, July 26, 2007

Enabler Alert for Mid Michigan! Quickutz!!

Do you LOVE Quickutz dies? Want some really cheap? Like 60% off or better? Get thee booties to this store in Okemos, just east of the MSU campus and down I96 from the capital city of Lansing.

.All single cut 2x2 dies - $3.00

.All double cut 2x2 dies - $5.00

. Khaki Alphabets - $25.00

. Goose Bumps - 2x2 dies - $5.00

I got 40 dies yesterday and I am salivating as to the cheap price I got them for. The store is changing vendors, redesigning the whole store and hoping to unveil next week the new design.They will no longer be carrying Quickutz :o( I went three days into the sale thinking there would be nothing much left and was amazed there were still hundreds of dies, so get there before the weekend when everyone gets paid and actually has money, otherwise they will be gone, I think.

There were also some of the Revolutions, the large alphabets and even a squeeze tool or two on clearance. Hurry in for some great deals. If I hadn't been up there-an hour's ride for me-buying some new running shoes, I would have missed out.

I almost thought of buying what was left and selling them on eBay but I was leaving some for y'all-and they did have some military sets which normally are 50 buckaroo's and retired. So hurry in! Tell them the crazy person from Flushing sent ya-the one who only likes double-sided paper. (I was gonna say the one with the paper addiction but that is just about everyone I know!)
Have fun if you go and if you need a place for lunch, let me know. I have every menu from every place I ever ate, I think!


  1. Sounds like some great deals! Too bad I do not live in that area. I've been stocking up on QK stuff, but I have not used much of it yet.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!...Its probably a GOOD thing I dont live near there!...I wonder if they would do a quickie mail-order???!...I just found your blog....Your card inspiration is...well.....awesomely inspiring!! ( and the DETAILS!!) You rock!


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