Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thanks So Much!

I went to visit my daughter in Lansing today. I have had a Jones for Bibimbab ( wonderful Korean dish served in a hot stone bowl) for a few weeks, so we hit up Charlie Kang's . This was after checking out a couple of places for my Fenugreek. We tried Dusty's Cellar, which has a small gourmet market. Nothing there other than some coffee barbecue rub from this company and a huge bag of bottle caps in the beer making supplies. Now I don't have to pay the scrap book store prices for them to do this . And I have enough to share!

I finally found the Fenugreek at a place called Foods For Living in Okemos east of the MSU campus. They sell bulk spices and honestly, even with my trusty spice and herb manual, I still don't know what a lot of them are for. But I got almost a whole spice jar full for 95 cents! Woo hoo! I also found some brown rice syrup to use in place of honey (which I never eat) and some french lentils (so different from green or red ones). I am still in search of Marmite and Tamarind paste. I eat weird. But nothing dies either.

So here is a quickie. The tiny tag was all I stamped but I did edge my pieces in distress ink. Again, mostly scraps from the bins, and this would be a cool card to make up with other patterned word-like paper. I have seen quite a few of them recently especially KI and Reminisce. I am going to bed and my hands smell like Fenugreek (kinda curried) and Allison, I have read the different ways herbs and spices work with the body (altho I never knew about the milk stimulation bit). I always have cinnamon here for upset tummies and my gramma swore by ginger for the same thing. I also chew on parsley for bad breath. Maybe we need to go back to basics more instead of always popping a pill for something.


  1. What a pretty "quickie" card! Shows things don't have to be so detailed to be fabulous.

  2. Fun card! I love it! Sounds like you had a fun visit with your daughter :)

  3. Its strange reading about you searching for tamarind paste when all I've been eating today is tamarind candies.
    Its tamarind paste and sugar and by God it makes my mouth water to write about it.
    my gramma used to make me eat ginger and basil paste for a cough and sore today!

  4. What a fun quickie card!! I love the wave cut of the thanks paper!


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