Thursday, March 06, 2008

Google Reader is Acting Up

Several of the feeds I get are not updating correctly. Instead I am getting similarly named ones in their place. Instead of rubber stamping, I am getting bike racing. I un-subbed, and re-subbed over and over to no avail. So I have no idea if I will ever get back the good ones. I really don't care about bike fenders or quality of the dirt track. I care about ink.

ETA-I contacted Typepad because it was all their feeds that were affected and here is their response.

Hi Jan,Thank you for contacting us. This was related to a temporary issue on our end that has since been fixed. We apologize for the problem.Thanks,Colleen TypePad Technical ServicesSix Apart, Ltd.


  1. i think it's not a google reader issue but maybe something with typepad. Everyone thats coming up like that for me has a typepad blog.

  2. Try and give it 24 hours Jan. It could be a glitch. Mine is working fine (So far - now that I said that it will probably screw up and personally I don't care much for bike fenders either!!!LOL) Last week it was the feedblitz (and they blamed blogger) and now this week google reader. Hmmm, both owned by Google too!!! Give it a day and hope it straightens out.


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