Sunday, March 09, 2008

Luv Ya!

Just got home from a movie. I don't usually like so-called "action films", but this one was quirky and no one had American accents ( a major plus). We went to see The Bank Job . This was based on a true story from a heist back in the early 70's in London. Crisply paced and very authentic in the sets and clothing, it brought to mind the ongoing corruption that has plagued many large (and small) cities including police, politicians (ya reading this Kwame?) and even those often considered above the law (Royals and a wanna be Washington bush king). Interesting flick-not my usual style but would look at this one again. B+. And to top it off, Eggplant pizza from Uno's! Yum-o!!

So take your plain old white card and ink the edges with a pink chalk color. Cut a textured brown piece and set aside. Take a striped piece of card stock (a tad smaller than the brown piece) and cut it on the diagonal. Do the same for a textured creamy piece or similar to match a light color in your striped piece. Save those extra diagonals to make another card or for later punching.

I used a stamp from Great Impressions on the cream and stamped a few times using the pink chalk color. Here it looks like it frames the punched circle. The punched circle was part of a full sheet of circles that my punch fit perfectly. I also punched a scalloped circle a bit larger and layered them. Before attaching the two diagonals, tape together to butt on the back and then use the Trio runner along the seam front, run a piece of print word ribbon leaving a bit over the ends for tucking. Place the completed piece on the brown and then tuck the ribbon ends and tape on the back. Or you can cut to be even. Layer this all and add the circles with pop dots.

To finish up, stamp your phrase on the lower right in brown or sepia dye ink. Pink and brown seems so 60's to me. My favorite outfit was a one piece jumpsuit with huge pockets on the front. My best friend had the same outfit and we always were mistaken for twins with long straight hair and gap teeth. So Peggy, this is for you. Hard to believe I haven't seen you in 30 years. Hope your Irish is still showing on the 17th. Luv ya!


  1. great card and sounds like a fun evening too!

  2. What a fun time, but eggplant pizza!? That's a little out of my comfort zone. I will take your word on it being yum-o! LOL

    Love the card! I love pinks and browns!!

  3. beautiful card. Thank you for your comment on my new blog.I am not good in English and it's not my mother tongue, please let me know if my new blog's title is fine ? Thank you.

  4. Love this card! Simple design - my favorite kind! Sometimes I think people overdo their embellishments. I also love your color combo. Great card!


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