Sunday, March 16, 2008

Glittered Heart

Are you an Ephemera collector? Save ticket stubs, menus, fortunes from cookies-that sort of thing? I am. I have every ticket stub from every concert, movie, sports event I have ever been to. I have my first utility bill that I paid for back in 1972. The paper cigar ring hubby gave me the night we got engaged, the beer top ring that replaced it (he isn't cheap, I just gave him a cheap way out as he was way too drunk on tequila). I have hundreds of menus-when the diners change them, I keep the old one in the page protector and put the new one over the top. If they go out of business, they are moved to the back of the binders. It's my way of keeping a visual diary, I guess. I have matchbooks, playing cards (anyone remember Braniff Airlines?) and I feel sorry for whoever will clean out my estate someday. They will go looking for forgotten stocks and bonds and find what to them is junk.

I am entering this in another contest. Marlene is looking for something green (her favorite color) and with ribbon. Does this qualify as green? Depends on the light-I think it may be trending toward teal. I will let her decide. I started with a base white folded card on the side. Edge in green chalky ink. Take a piece of pink slightly smaller than the card front and stamp a scripted stamp in green on the front. It's textured, which makes it look older. Using a small sponge, edge and rub the sides all around. Smoosh it out good. Use another piece of complementary printed card stock and do the same idea with the ink-then tape the two on the back at the top and bottom-the print is about 1/3rd the front and the pink about 2/3rds.

Lay a piece of shimmery ribbon across the seam and tape behind the back. Take another piece of skinny ribbon and knot it off center and lay it down mid way of the ribbon and tape behind. Tape runner this whole piece on the front of the white card. Find a hank of card stock (textured) in your scrap bin and apply the sticker to the front of it. Distress the edges of the card stock and pop dot it to the top left area. Using a glitter pen or Stickles, highlight areas of the sticker to give it some shimmer. It was hard to catch it with a photograph, so you will see it a bit if you click the photo to enlarge.

Someday when I am old, maybe this will be part of an ephemera collection for some future nutcase like me. I hope that I become the old lady with long braids, with 30 cats and red velvet drapes in some stuffy old brownstone. I will make myself useful by supplying the next generations with lots of odd junk.


  1. the card is beautiful and I like the stickles shimmer. :) I haven't ever heard of ephemera collecting but I've got that going on. However, every couple of years, I go on a tossing binge so I get rid of some things but not all so I have a hodge podge visual diary. Hmm - what an interesting way to look at it. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Absolutely adore your card!! it looks so elegant and the colours are yummie!!
    Thanks millions for joining in my challenge :)

    Marlene x

  3. Oh WOW -- this is just stunning!!!

  4. This is just BEAUTIFUL!! I love the soft colors, the way the card blends and looks vintage! It's so lovely!

  5. Love this card. The heart is so beautiful.


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