Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bandanna Bouquet

While my newest soup experiment is slowly simmering (I think I made too much and it's a 6-8 hour simmer) I made hubby some Sofa Slug Mac and Cheese. I won't be here for supper tomorrow night, so hopefully he can figure out the reheat button on the microwave, altho it would be much better if he baked it. I don't think he can be trusted with the oven, tho. When the soup is done and sampled, I will put the recipe with photos on my other blog. It's got Michigan navy beans in it-just needs a funny name.

Here are two photos of the same card. The first is how I originally did the card. I used a textured medium sky blue card card stock and folded in half. This is a top folder, by the way. Using some scraps of printed card stock (this was two sided, too) I cut three the same size and placed them on the card front leaving even spaces all around.
Taking a similar matching blue piece, I added a Penny Black sticker to the front. Then using some tiny crystals, I colored them with blue from my Copic Marker set. Adding a tiny bit of glue, I placed them in the center of each flower on the sticker (see the one I messed up?) This piece was then pop dotted to the center of the card. It was okay but sorta snore.
So I took the sticker piece off and distressed the edges of the blue backing and I think it made it pop a bit more. So not so snore. This reminded me of a cowgirl's bandanna-those one's you can get for 99 cents at some fabric stores or less than a dollar places. Somehow the blue and the red just seemed so Annette on the ranch. A bit of Stickles finished it off.


  1. Love the cards you've done lately, Jan! Hey, things are looking up. Looks like a mail-in primary is in the works, and that's a great idea cuz if it works now, ya'll might get to do it from now on. Lucky snits! I am green, LOL. Oh, and my google reader has been doing the same dang thing too, last night for sure, that recently.

  2. that is super cute! I like both versions of it actually but you're right, the distressing did bring something special to it. the colors brought the same things to mind for me. Love the bling in the flowers!!! that sounds like a lot of work but it was worth it for the end result. too cute! :)

  3. Love the card! I really like the second one with the distressing and that blue and red look so great together!

  4. Oh, this is really pretty! I just loved bandana's growing up and this just took me back! Great card!

    P.S. I had to go to moderated comments as did several other bloggers I know for "spam" comments. . . You may want to consider it before disaster strikes. . .

  5. great card Jan. Love the panels using your scraps!
    thanks for visiting with me too on my blog! I appreciate it and I am subscribing to yours. I like what i see!

  6. Jan, I'm trying to subscribe to your blog. How do I do it?


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