Saturday, March 08, 2008

Three Hearts

So we got no snow (I think John should retire) but it's very very cold. I had to go to Target to get a new tray for my silverware drawer (the old green one we bought at St. Vinnie's about 35 years ago for a dime-so got my money's worth. It cracked across the bottom). I Nearly blew over withthe 30MPH wind. I got a new tray from Rubbermaid but it won't snap together (it's expandable) so it goes back tomorrow. I saw a Micheal Graves metal one I really like but I would need two and they are 16 bucks a piece. So not gonna happen. This Rubbermaid one was 20 and I almost put it back-well, I guess I am putting it back, 'cause it's sucky and cheaply made. I need to go to Costco, so maybe there will be something nice-or I can console myself with a ton of other junk. I have my Costco rebate of 76.00 (gives you an idea of how much I spend at the warehouse).
I am still uploading Valentine's-just am not in the mood for Easter so early. Usually, the week after Easter (or about Boston Marathon time) I go hunting for plants and plan my summer garden, but I have a lot to repair this spring, like moving the brick wall so the dumb dog can't trash it anymore. So a ton of Hostas to rescue, too. (I don't want to think about it right now, it will make me cry all the work I have ahead).

So this card started out with a regular white folded A2 size that I distressed the edges . I then added a piece of pattered embossed paper from Best Creations. This company has some of the prettiest, glitteriest papers out there-takes all the work out of it and makes cards come together fast. Nicer is that the paper is so much less than most charge for similar styles and it's thick, too. So I edged the ends in some chalky ink and attached to the front. On a scrap of white shimmer paper, I stamped three hearts with a stamp with some inside designs on it, the middle one is a different color. I used chalk inks for this. Heat set and then using the pattern inside the heart stamp to figure out where you want to use a glitter pen or a Spica pen to highlight. Very shimmery all around.

Add this finished piece to another scrap of textured card stock that compliments the colors in your background paper and inks. Pop dot this piece on the right front and then tuck a scrap of pretty ribbon on the left side underneath. Please ignore where I drooled on the bottom of the stamped heart piece. I tend to get weirded out late at night and didn't see it was wet until the next day after I photographed the piece. Add character, ya think?

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  1. Drool huh?
    And here I thought I was the only one!
    It's beautiful, drool & all. :)


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