Sunday, March 30, 2008

PB Posie

Did you ever do something you were so excited about before you did it and have a flat feeling after? I did. While I had some fun and learned a bit, I felt sorta cheated, too. I will explain more later when I finish my projects which might be Monday or April or whenever. Just flat right now. I need some sun and yellow.

Here is another in the Penny Black sticker streak. I have not been stamping at all. Well, I stamp but not on anything worth shouting about (my fingers do get inky tho). Maybe that will come later. But for now, PB is some happy time.
I used a plain white base card with a red scrap layered. Then the top and bottom stickers are layered on plain black and applied-this was one long border sticker I cut to fit. The middle sticker is on a scrap of Bling and pop dotted. The whole card is not huge-maybe a little larger than a gift tag. I used black Stickles around the outside of some of the hearts and a bit of dimensional in the middle of the center flower. Five minutes tops.


  1. Hey Jan, am hearing you at the moment. I think it is the let down after Easter. Love the colours in this card though, trust me it will come back.

    Like you say, get some sun, does wonders!

    Keep well


  3. What a cute card. I think it is nice. The colors are great!

    Jessica Lynn

  4. Hi Jan!
    Thank you very much for your kind comment. I'm "over" what ever sadness I was feeling. Time and this hobby of ours is perfect therapy! I love your card Jan, the heart stickers are very pretty and I'm a fan for the color red! Have a wonderful evening and let's hope that Spring is around the corner.

  5. This is pretty, Jan. I love what you did with the black stickles too...



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