Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deep Sympathy

The rudeness of the world wears on me sometimes. People in too much of a hurry to see doors slamming on another coming behind? Sweaty half naked guys at the gym who reek of what? No shower, no deodorant, their bad diets? Inconsiderate drivers cutting me off at 55 MPH and my donation to Goodwill (some of it glass) goes flying thru my car? Having the game on, walking into the kitchen and coming back to war games?

I decided to post this card to the death of kindness in America. Maybe it can be resurrected by the next generation but only if the current ones let them know it even existed.
White base card. Multiple layers-print on blue texture on brown texture. Wrap a ribbon around and tie in the front with a bow. Layer on white card. Print phrase on white and edge in brown. Layer on a scrap of brown texture. Pop dot in center.


  1. Oh THANK YOU for making me feel so not alone in this rude world!

  2. PS: I used to live in Grand Blanc and Flint! Small world!

  3. Stop looking for the bad and find the good. There is LOTS of good in this world but we are overloaded with all the bad. If that is what you focus on that is all you will see. Cheer up and have a great day!!!

  4. beautiful card. hang in there! There will be better days!

  5. Sweetie... come to Hawaii - you will find all the ALOHA here. But even then, our small little state is starting to become a place of rudeness as well. But as long as we push the Aloha within us - then it should carry on to the next generation (at least we can hope that happens, right?!).

    Big Hugs n' Aloha your way...

    Also, I wanted to say that I love your card, it's very pretty!!!

  6. Pretty card! And I am so there with you on this subject. DH and I discuss all the time this very topic and try to teach our boys to behave differently.


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