Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wrapped In Love

So are all you Midwesterners ready for another "snow event"? The county has run out of salt, the schools have used up their "act of god" days. We set a record for February in inches and are close to the season record. The season has almost 3 weeks to go-and up to nine inches are due by Wednesday. But as a life long Michigander, I have seen snow in these parts in June. I am sick of it all.

ETA-nothing so far-and it looks to be tracking south. Hmmm.

I managed not to make a mess of this card considering the disarray my kitchen is in-I am re-arranging the cabinets as a prelude to actually tearing them out. I need to get an idea of what I need or want. So I made this a few days ago. No one gets married anymore. I think I know why, too. It's easier to walk away when you have no strings-you can always buy more pots and towels. It's the stocks, real estate and kids that are hard to divide up.

So scraps again. Plain card base with two pieces (one print, one card stock) overlapped and a strip in the middle with brads attached before you tape it down. Nothing to show thru to mar the interior. Stamp a phrase on white and distress the edges. Layer on a slightly larger piece also distressed. And layer again. Before pop dotting the whole she-bang, take a hank of iridescent ribbon and middle it on the lower left, wind around the back and come out on front-tie into a pretty bow. Very elegant and easy to change colors for theme.


  1. Such a lovely card Jan! TFS

  2. super cute card and love the distressing and the ribbon. the sentiment is great too!

  3. Jan you make it sound so easy! Super card, love the colours. Good luck with the kitchen. We did the same six months ago and haven't looked back!


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