Monday, March 10, 2008

Heart Tied

An odd Sunday. Went to Lansing to pick up my daughter's inks and pens. She is moving and needs to store them so they won't freeze or get over heated. So I am holding on to them for her. Schlepped around Menard's looking for 3 way flourescent bulbs. NO luck. So got the dog a new pillow. He isn't interested in it. Watched the Pistons on ESPN and listened to the Wings on XM. Also the MSU/Ohio game was on the Big 10 network. Too much TV today-I have a headache.

This was made with some Penny Black stickers. I used a textured black card that was folded and then I rounded the corners. Using some striped paper, I also rounded the corners after cutting the piece a tad smaller than the base card. Layer it on the base. Taking a black scrap, I made a center piece and rounded the corners on it too.

The center creamy oval was punched and embossed and layered on a shimmery red scalloped scrap that was punched. I added three Penny Black hearts and several tiny ones too. Tying a knot in each length of black ribbon, I added one to each heart top with a tiny snot dot. Then I stickled up the hearts on the swirls.
I am tired-and cold-and I hate Mondays.


  1. first, the card is super cute! love the colors! second, it sounds like it was a crazy Sunday but sounds like it was good too. Hope your Monday turns out better than anticipated (although I hate Mondays too!). :)

  2. Cute card! Don't we all hate Mondays???? Oh, wait, I'm taking today as a vacation I don't hate THIS particular Monday! LOL. :-)


  3. Fun card--I love the colors!

  4. I love the rounded corners on this card. I love that look but never think of doing it when I am making cards...I have to make a mental note to try it!!Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Love the card! Hope your headache is better....BTW, check out my blog. You've been tagged!


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