Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Spam Warning-This One Could Be Nasty!

I got an attempt today to make me click a link. It was from a group called Question It! I was asked to click a link saying some person had sent me a question and I could view it and answer it.


It is linked to spammers and bots who tell you you can link to other computers and use the programs they have on their hard drives. It will spam you to no end. The links can also come from these addresses---


If you get anything from any of these, block them in your emails clients and delete them without clicking!!! You will hate yourself if you don't. This particular ploy to get live addresses and computers is a newer one. But the bot traffic is picking up lately. Be careful out there!

They are making these spams to get thru filters better and better. Update your virus scans and definitions for worms and spam.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Jan.

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    If I accidentally open the link that has the question, do I need to worry about a virus on my computer for this damn "questionit@fanbox.com"? My current firewall has been blocking an attempts to come on to my computer. Something new since I've been getting these e-mails. My virus scanner says there's no virus. Should I be worried anyways?

  3. Do you also have spyware software? If not, go to Spybot Search and Control and it will help you see what is there. Spy ware is not a true virus. But Bots are not always picked up by virus software.
    download spybot here it's free. Best stuff out there.


    and make sure you have an up to date viruse product. they typically are only good for one year and have auto updates selected when you run it.


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