Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Ol' Wino

I was cleaning out the junk drawer-again. I think I do this once a paycheck. The biggest reason why is that when "someone" digs in it for anything, it's all rumble messy. I came across items I have no idea what they are-so those go into a bucket until I can match them up to whatever they belong to. If I threw anything away, that is when I would hear-"do you have that thingamajig?" So I have a huge plastic bucket of crap. Just for that one day.

I have a wine cork with nothing on it. I still wonder what I am keeping it for. But I stick pins in it to keep from poking myself. I remembered I had made this wine bottle holder at Christmas and then forgot to use it. I like to give wine if I go to someone's house. Especially Michigan wines-very good and isn't it nice to buy American and have it be tasty too?

This is a bottle case I picked up at Hobby Lobby. From Creative Imaginations , I think normal price is 7.99 but of course, I used my coupon! I covered the outside using Bling from Bazzill-you will need two pieces to meet at the seam in the back. The glue I used was not supposed to wrinkle but it did. Scrappy Glue is pretty good on regular scrap papers and card stock but I guess with the naked outside of the container (maybe I should have sealed it) and the composition of the Bling, it wrinkled. I then layered a piece of print Vellum around the outside. At the top and the bottom, I cut pieces of shiny gold card stock and attached it. Then to cover the seams, I used Velvet ribbon, wrapping it round the corners.
I also used another piece of the vellum to cover the inside lower container and used the gold paper and vellum ribbon too. If I had to do it all over again, I would paint with acrylics the inside or possibly paper it. Since the naked container came with black ribbon to tie, I used that but some other fancier black ribbon would have worked, too. So you see how the bottle of wine would look inside here above.
Last thing to do, is the top which when open is a curvy top-I traced the curves and used the Bling there too. It butts up pretty nice but if you need to, just sand the edges. Here is the case closed. I tied a velvet bow and attached to the outside. I did find a tag or two and layered them with a brad (write your greeting on this before attaching) and tied them to the bow with gold filament thread. Tuck in a bottle of vino, and you can have a nice gift for under 15 smackers if you use scraps and coupons. Maybe even tuck a gift certificate inside to a cheese shop or tickets to the art fair?

Remember, a good bottle of wine does not have to cost a lot. 6-10 dollars will buy a good sip. Try World Market or even your local chain grocery (Meijer's has a pretty decent wine shop). Divertirsi!


  1. What a wonderful gift, this wine bottle case looks really awesome!

  2. beautiful gift! I did not know about Michigan wines so will have to check them out! Kansas has some good wines too. And, I agree - a wine does not have to be expensive to be good. :)
    Love the case - so pretty!

  3. wow! this is pretty!!! great job, sister!!!



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