Sunday, March 23, 2008

Look What I Finally Found!

A few weeks back I was all over tarnation looking for this stuff-and the closest store to me-the buyer said he had never heard of it and he didn't have it. Hmmmm-they need a better informed buyer. I was walking about looking for black mustard seed-and I looked up instead of down-there the Marmite was! I got brown mustard seed instead of black (for a curry) but I am so excited-now I can make my spicy sausages for sure.

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  1. Never heard of Marmite!!! I have it every morning on toast for breakfast couldn't live without it!!! If you don't have any spring flowers yet feel free to send me a picture of the snow we don't get any here where I live!! and yes BST is like your daylight saving!!!! Sue :o)


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