Thursday, March 13, 2008

Odd Email Today-So Be Careful

Yesterday I posted about a spam virus comment going around and warned anyone seeing it to delete it. Early this morning someone dug around on my blog and found my special email for my blogs and sent me an odd communique. He or she wanted me to go check out some slide shows that I could embed in my blog.

I am not stupid. I think should anyone want to leave a comment, they just leave it on a posting-not send it privately. So I DID NOT click the link but took the guy's name and went googling. Seems kinda odd that the guy had a memorial page (he's dead!) and a very very unusual name (and this spam is coming from So now we have identity theft via spammers. I think this email may have been in retaliation for my warning others about the bad comments yesterday.

So be careful out there in cyberspace. If you don't know the people who comments, especially if they say anonymous-don't open it. I have always had my comments set to moderation, so I can screen them. I think everyone may want to do that now as the spammers have to find a new way to retaliate or get to you. An un-moderated blog is just the ticket. Never post your legit email anywhere-use a substitute one that's free from Yahoo or Gmail etc that you have set up just for the chance of winning a candy or entering contests or using for contact for your blog.
And don't click links!


  1. And let everyone know to report this kind of "spamming" to Blogger. I've gotten some of these from people using Blogger. Blogger doesn't allow spamming, so report them. These people try to disguise who they are but there are ways of finding them! They should beware!!!

  2. It's so scary all the ways they're trying to get at us nowadays. If they're so creative and smart then why don't they get a real job?

  3. Yea, I got some of these spam comments too. So irking, ain't it? O


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