Friday, October 05, 2007

Update on the Guessing Contest.

Well, this may become a dragged out contest. It seems the store didn't have enough entries-only 6 as viewable here-so they decided to solicit more people to enter their art work and extend the viewing and voting. I wont be making the hour trip to capture the additional entries.

I would have had no problem if there were no written rules but for those of us who went out of our way to get our stuff in on time, it sucks. This contest at the store was not some "off the cuff" thing. It's the third time for the contest and there is a monetary award altho not a generous as the first two months.It was supposed to run the month of September and have the final voting posted October 1. Each month the entries went down-15, 11 and now 6. I personally think a prize of 20 bucks is fine but maybe others don't think that is enough. The first month it was 100.

The woman who should have won that month and didn't (omg-her card was the bomb) has not entered again because I think, she wondered "what do I have to do to win anything at all" ? Other voters said they were intimidated by her work and that if they can't do it, why vote for it. What is wrong with that picture??? I can't not make a mess in the kitchen (Rachael Ray doesn't) or write a best seller (John Grisham does) or run a 5 minute mile (welcome back Paula Radcliffe ) , but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate those who do well and want to see them happy and rewarded.

As soon as I hear who won, I will post a photo and pick the names of the one who actually guessed correctly who would win (probably from a pool of guessers unless one of the original 6 doesn't win and then I will do a random and also a winner of who I voted for). There are already several correct entries on who I voted for, so at least that one is a given.

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