Monday, October 22, 2007

Emails Feeds Are Out The Door....

I have been getting over 400 feeds everyday. Many times I would get 2, 3, 4 or more of the same one because Feedblitz sucks! If I tried to add a new feed, it sometimes took two minutes to connect and I have DSL! Then I had to opt in and wait for that to apply. So I tried Feedburner which is part of Google and I really like that a lot but I had a hard time transferring so many feeds. I worked on it for several hours and just said-fergedabodit.

So Allison kept raving about Google Reader and I tried it for a few days. I had a few issues with it but I think I like it. So Saturday instead of cleaning house or going for a movie, I started transferring all my must reads over. I got 178 transfers done so far. Some I have to wait for because people only update sporadically.

I just want you to know that I am not un-subbing from your feeds! I am just moving them to a new location--moving on up maybe? I am NOT sending any of you to the cleaners. So ignore that unsubscribe notice you might get and soon I will have a new icon on my side bar for you to check out some of my shares.

Now I gotta go cook something-the sofa slug is on his way home. Hmmmm-Punjab Lentils with Rice sounds yum-o!


  1. I use google reader and love it. I just log onto google and if there are any new posts they show up. Think you will really like it.

  2. Does your husband know that you call him that? I think I may have to usurp it for my own (not all the time...just some of the time...)!


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