Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look What I Won-So Can You!

I have been getting this incredible newsletter for at least 3 years now. It's called Technique Junkies and is written and created by Pat Huntoon. She has in her arsenal some extraordinarily talented artists who always seem to come up with just the right think to make your eyes bug out and say "I need to do that!"

Pat is having a 5 year celebration at her blog and is giving away something special from one of her advertisers or other vendors every day. You will not believe the goodies! I won on day 6, so below is the incredible sets of acyclic stamps I received from Firecracker Designs-a company I had never heard about until this contest (a few others are new to me from Pat's blog too).
Pat also sent me this card which used a few techniques from her newsletters. The background is the Cling and Scrunch Technique from the June 2006 issue and the gold and orange areas are the Cotton Color Technique from the April 2007 issue. The butterfly used Acrylic Accents or Diamond Glaze and another technique to pop the rub on words was also utilized.

So if you like this card, and want to learn more, go visit the above links and sign up for the full color glossy newsletter-and then you get the secret password! This password will take you to another dimension where you will get even more goodies for your brain to create with.

I am so happy to have found such a wonderful creative venue like Technique Junkies-and for all of you who are in the Rubber Stamper boat, this would be a great place to plunk your dollars for some wonderful ideas

So go visit Pat's blog , enter her contests and then subscribe! Tell her Jan sent ya! Ya can't win if ya don't enter!!


  1. Thanks for the link Jan I popped over and entered...I told her you sent me! Man all the stuff that gal is giving away!!! So fun!


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