Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Have you all seen these lately? This is the desktop one and there is also a floor one available that is almost as tall as me. It's supposed to be for photo display but my cards were screaming "Pick Me"! I first saw this item at Stacey's a few weeks ago and she said she purchased it at Kohl's. So I bust my butt to get there because they are having a big buy one get one sale----and they don't have any left.

In fact my local Kohl's never had them. I was not gonna drive an hour south to Brighton as I had just come back from an hour west in Lansing. So I tried the online shopping for Kohl's and they don't have them either. Off to eBay for a search and they are full price-with buy it nows-no bidding ones. Also the sellers want 10 bucks for shipping. If you knew how little this thing weighed, you would get my dismay over shipping. But they did have the larger tree one but its over 50 buckeroos.

Thank goodness for the Google search engine. I found it online at Bed, Bath and Beyond ! And I just happened to have one locally. And I had a 5.00 off any purchase coupon. So this wonderful little item cost me 15.00 and change. It holds 18 beautiful cards, some of mine and some Raks too.

I photographed it in my kitchen as it was raining and I just like to take photos of my stuff outside while I can, so excuse the kitchen intrusions. I was just giddy to find such a cool item. If you go looking for it at BBBY, it was on a side end cap at my store and normal price is 19.99. Its called Umbra Fotofalls Desk Photo Holder . The other larger one is called a free standing tree and holds 36 items.

So get yerself one-and have some fun.

ETA-Amazon also has them at full price but with free shipping over $25.00---so get two and share!


  1. very cute holder!!! Love the cards too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree on the quality and also some names will be to long. I was told I need to have 7 letters or less. I am going to order several now and see what they end up being like. I am excited though at the whole idea. I am having her make my kids names and some FAITH ones for me. Be sure to check back.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I live in Lake Orion so I'm not familiar with the places or events that you wrote about! I'll have to go find them!

  3. I really love the holder and the cards!


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