Monday, October 29, 2007

Three Cheers For The Red, White and.....


Tamara Wheeler was the first to post with the correct answer!

And because only one person got my last clue-newspapers-I will be sending Melissas a bitty thing too.

Both you ladies need to email me your stuff-look under the profile and you will see an email link.

I will be reshooting this photo tomorrow in sunlight-I got some horrible strobing off the backdrop for some reason tonight and this was the only good one-and its kinda bad. I just wanted to get the winners up! See ya!

ETA-reshot photo!

All edges were distressed in black and layered on red.The black vase was stamped, cut and pop dotted after flowers were stamped in red on the white and topped with "real" flowers and white brads. The vase has the large white dots with a little acrylic accents on them.

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  1. Wooo-hoooo! I am so very excited. I'm off to email ya! Thanks so much!


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